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In essences my purpose is to heal people, which is in fact oxymoronic! Only an individual can heal themselves. I like many other healers, are only conduits in the process. Yes I have a beautiful connection to the realms and over the years I have been guided to help each person that comes to me. But I also know that there is no ‘I’ in what I do, more accurately it’s ‘us’ by that I mean, I always ask my God source, my ancestors, angels and guides to help assist me to assist each person.

Some people have come to me (us) and completely changed their lives and others have changed a little, and some even appear not to have changed at all. This is because each person has their own free will, which is something that we do not touch, or play with.

If you go to someone and ask them to perform a ritual, lets say a love spell / ritual, then this action will impact the free will of someone else.

What does tend to happen though is that everyone through the process expands their perspective on life, and with this expansion comes more options and tools for them to navigate their journeys and help to balance / manage certain traumas.


Available in Gold, Silver and Copper.

There are many ways to use this symbol. Put the flower of life symbol under a glass of water, so the water will be energized with the wonderful vibration of the symbol; then drink it. This is very beneficial. You also can wear them as jewelry and if you do so you will soon feel the harmony it conveys. It solves stressful situations and makes everyday life easier. It strengthens your self-esteem.

If used in your living room or bedroom the symbol clears out all the negative radiation. Would you rather put it in your office? It will give you the stamina and concentration you need. The Flower of life symbol releases so much energy that it makes us aware who and what we are


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